How To Setup a White Label SMS Reseller on Sendroid SMS Portal

How To Setup a White Label SMS Reseller on Sendroid SMS Portal

Over the years, many Sendroid users have asked the question "How on Earth Do I Get The White-Label Reseller Feature on Sendroid Working?", so I feel it is a good thing to write this little tutorial on what the White-Label Reseller feature is all about and how to set it up correctly. 

Before I go into the main topic "How To Setup a White Label Reseller on Sendroid SMS Portal", Let me clarify some important point that users often get confused about

1, What is the Sendsroid White Label Reseller System
The Sendroid white label reseller system is a feature on Sendroid bulk SMS portal, which allow bulk SMS providers to offer white label reseller solution to their customer. With this feature, your customers can become resellers of your bulk sms services and even get to sell your services under their own domain and brand, without having to install Sendroid on their server.

The Sendroid white-label reseller feature allows your resellers to customize the appearance of Sendroid by applying their own Logo, Site Name and Background. This branding can only be seen by the reseller's own customer.

2, How Does It Work?
When a reseller's customer (Resold Customer) access Sendroid from the reseller's set domain, Sendroid automatically uses the referring domain to find the the resellers settings (Logo, Title and Background image). 

The resold customers will be able to login or register as the case may be (but under the reseller's brand). Upon login, the resold customer will be able to use all features on Sendroid, except purchasing SMS Units. 

NB: There is currently no feature for resold customers to buy sms credits. The reseller has to manually add SMS credits to its Resold Customers from the Customer Management page (Under Reseller Menu). 

3, What You Need To Set Up a Reseller
Before you can use the White-Label reseller feature on Sendroid, you will need to meet the following requirements;

  1. You must have installed and setup the Latest version of Sendroid with a Valid Sendroid License (You can purchase Sendroid here)
  2. You must install Sendroid an under its own Domain or Sub-domain
  3. Your Sendroid's domain or sub-domain  Must have its own Dedicated IP Address (That is, an IP address that points directly to your Sendroid Login page)
  4. Your reseller must have a valid and working domain name
  5. Your reseller's Reseller Domain and IP Address must be different from that of Sendroid (A separate cPanel account is recommended. You can sign-up for a cPanel hosting here)
  6. You must have a Basic understanding your server and of how DNS works
After you have taken care of all 5 points above, its time to get started with creating your first White-Label reseller with Sendroid. 
NB: You need to Pay Attention to item #3 on the list of requirements above. Your reseller system will never work if you dont get it right. You can ask your Hosting Company or Server Admin assign a Dedicated IP address to your Sendroid Directory if you are not sure of how to get that done.

4, Assigning A Dedicated IP Address to Sendroid
As you probably 
knowvalready, a Dedicated IP address is an IP address that is assigned to a specific resource or domain.  
To assign a dedicated IP Address to sendroid, you need to do the following;

  1. Install Sendroid under a domain or sub-domain (eg,
  2. Purchase a fresh Dedicated IP Address from your Hosting Company
  3. Setup or Ask your hosting company to setup your new dedicated IP address to point to your sendroid domain or sub-domain as the case may be (That is, when you type the IP address on a browser, it should open your sendroid customer Login screen)

After you have completed the above steps, you might want to double check that everything is working fine by typing your new IP address on a browser. If it opens up your Sendroid customer login page, then you are good to go. If not, you will need to work with your hosting company to correctly setup / point the dedicated IP address to Sendroid's domain.

5, Setting Up A Reseller
Now to setup a reseller, you need to create a new customer (or modify an existing customer's account), then update the account type to SMS Reseller. 
1, Login to your sendroid as a supper admin
2, Go the Manage Customers under Admin Tools
3 Click the edit button next to the desired customer's account details
4, Change the Account Type to SMS Reseller
5, Save your changes

That is it!

6, Configuring the Reseller's Account
Once the reseller logs into his new reseller account, Sendroid will prompt it to setup its Reseller Profile 
1, Navigate to the Reseller Settings under Reseller Menu
2, Setup the reseller's portal appearance, business and brand information
3,  Under the Other Settings sections, enter the reseller's domain only (without http://). This is the domain that the reseller wishes to use to resell your services.
4, Take note of the IP address stated within the message "You must add an A-Record pointing this domain to"XX.XX.XX.XX" from your domain manager" as you will need this in the last section
5, Save the changes

7, Pointing the Reseller's Domain to your Sendroid
Now that you have completed all other setup on your end, Your customer's reseller domain need to be pointed to your sendroid so his customers will be able to access your services under his domain. 
This is done by Adding an A-Record under your customer's cPanel or Domain manager, pointing the customer's reseller domain to your Sendroid Dedicated IP address (The one you created in Section 4 above). You can Read our article on 
How To Create an A-Record in cPanel if you are using cPanel. If not, you can always tell your service provider to help you do that. 

As you can see, The process of setting up a White-Label reseller system with sendroid is relatively easy, as long as you got all the requirements taking care of.  

Hope you found this article useful. Share with someone else, you never can tell who it will save. 

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