Increase your revenue while offering more value to your Resellers with the Sendroid Ultimate Partnership Scheme for Bulk SMS Websites

Increase your revenue while offering more value to your Resellers with the Sendroid Ultimate Partnership Scheme for Bulk SMS Websites

Sendroid Ultimate

Sendroid Ultimate is an All-in-One software solution for bulk SMS Resellers, Bulk SMS service providers and SMS marketers, offering capabilities for Text, WhatsApp, Voice, MMS, Flash, Unicode and 2-way messaging amongst other features

What You Stand to Gain?

Pay only a fraction of the real price and sell to your Resellers at your own price!

  • Offer all the amazing features and Endless possibilities on Sendroid Ultimate Pro to your Resellers at a much lower price
  • Make more money selling Sendroid Ultimate custom built for your site at your own rate
  • Offer more value and freedom to your customer without fear losing them to other providers
  • Enjoy priority product support from us

How It Works?

  1. Make an initial deposit of N65,000 N40,000 (N25,000 off the market price) and we will create and activate your Resellership account. Your deposit will be added to your Resellership wallet so you can use it to purchase a license anytime
  2. We will develop and deliver a customized version of Sendroid Ultimate Pro, built to work only with your website?s API services
  3. You will be able to install and setup Sendroid Ultimate for your Resellers using your customized version of the software installer
  4. You will buy activation license key for each installation at a discounted price of N40,000 per license and sell to your Resellers at your own rate
  5. We will offer you priority technical support un-demand  while you provide support directly to your Resellers

What Will Change on Your Customized Sendroid Ultimate?

  • We rebuild the software to work Only with your own website API and nothing more
  • We will disable any messaging service you do not offer (e.g MMS, Voice, WhatsApp, etc)
  • We will remove all references to Sendroid Ultimate or our brand, leaving the software label-less
  • We will disable updates and other automated maintenance service to protect your deal with us

Why Sendroid Ultimate?

  • Super modern & responsive design
  • Supports WhatsApp, Unicode, MMS, Voice & Flash messaging
  • 2-Way messaging support (sends as well as receive incoming message)
  • Interactive SMS Chat feature
  • Complete tunnel-key White-Label reseller system for your own Resellers
  • Multiple online payment gateway options for your Resellers and their own Resellers
  • Address book and Marketing list features with marketing list opt-in & opt-out via keyword
  • Short-code management feature
  • Advanced message scheduling system with Recurring Schedule option
  • Advanced message queuing and job management system
  • Feature to effectively sell phone number database to customers within the app
  • Robust customized and easy to use HTTP APIs
  • Advanced SMS Rates management system
  • Feature to assign custom rates to a customer
  • Advanced message routing system
  • Advanced customer profile and account management system
  • Email / Phone verification options
  • Spam filtering and content filtering system
  • Multiple currency support
  • Completely expandable through Add-ons and Modules
  • Android, iOS & Windows mobile app available

See more of the features that made Sendroid Ultimate the preferred option for any bulk SMS business at

Seeing is believing! See Sendroid Ultimate in action with the full-featured online trial at

Need more information? Talk to our sales on +234805-224-7359

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