Setting Default Routing Rule in Sendroid Ultimate

Setting Default Routing Rule in Sendroid Ultimate

A common mistake made by most Sendroid Ultimate users during setup is not setting a default routing rule. This may seem like a simple mistake that shouldn't have much effect but that is where you got it all wrong.


What is Default Routing Rule?

First, let us understand what a routing rule ins in Sendroid Ultimate. A routing rule is a set of logic(s) that tells Sendroid Ultimate which gateway to use when sending various message types to various destinations (country or operator).

A Default Routing rule (Just like the name implies) is the Fall-back rule that Sendroid Ultimate uses when no defined rules exists for a given instance.

Lets say for an instance, you try to send a Text message to a recipient in USA, Sendroid Ultimate will first look for any routing rule set for Text message to USA. If no rules are specified, it will fallback to using your Default Routing rule.


Why is Default Routing Rule very essential?

You may say at this point; "well... I only intend sending messages to USA, why then must I define a Default Rule". The answer is this.... Every Automation System Needs A Fall-Back!

Sendroid Ultimate doesn't like "hanging foots" and so it needs to be sure everything is taken care-of before you hit the road. Come to think of it; no one wants to be caught unawares in a situation where your message failed to send simply because you did not specify a rule for its destination


How do I properly set a Default Routing Rule?

Setting a default routing rule in Sendroid ultimate is quite easier that you think... simply set all the fields in the Routing Rule setup form to their defaults and there you have it. Thus;

Please ensure you have created your SMS gateways before you use these steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> SMS Routing Rules and move to the Add New Routing Rule form on the right
  2. Set the Customer filed to "All Customers"
  3. Set the Country filed to "All Countries"
  4. Leave the Operator Prefix filed empty
  5. Select the Gateway you want to set as default in the Gateway filed
  6. Click the Add Rule button to apply your new rule and the gateway you selected will be set as default for its message type

Simply repeat the same steps to set default routing rule for any other message type you plan on using with Sendroid Ultimate.

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